History and interests

Hi, my name is Milan and I'm a student at the major Game Design & Development (Cohort 2015), which is part of the programme Communication & Multimedia Design at the Hanze University. My passion is to teach others through creative media, like games and music. I have quite some experience with gaming and I learnt the most valuable lessons through games; compassion, empathy, co-operation and the English language to name a few things. My purpose is to enhance this experience and pass these lessons on. The love for teaching isn't totally unreasonable, because the study I did before this one is Educational Assistant, so there was already some love for teaching in my blood.

My qualities

Transparancy, commitment and being open-minded is part of my working method. I can provide a good structure and I'm not evasive towards conflicts; better solve things before the time is over. I provide people with feedback on their work and if needed: on their behaviour as well. 

I also mentioned music, but I haven't explained it further yet. So here we go: My life is as dedicated to music as to teaching and making games, maybe even a bit more. In my daily life I almost always sing, whistle or drum on tables or other objects, continuously playing different rythms and melodies in my head. This sounds a bit weird, but this is how I experience it. I also enjoy voice acting a lot, although I do not have much experience in this yet.

If you need more information about me, contact me through one of the communication methods at the Contact page.